Dog Training In The Chicago Area


Dog training Chicago style means high-rise potty adventures, constant exposure to masses of people and many other obstacles to success. Training a dog is challenging enough, but when you’re doing it in a city, it takes extra patience and extra planning. Here are some excellent tips though when it comes to getting your dog trained to be obedient and friendly. You will appreciate the research done.

Going Outside

It’s important to take your dog out at regular intervals, so that relieving himself happens naturally. Take him for a walk within a few minutes of eating, and stay out long enough so the urge to go strikes him while you’re in the appropriate setting. Bring his favorite treats along and give him one after he goes. Praise him enthusiastically, thus convincing him that outdoors is the right place for the action to take place. While neither you nor he can control his urges while he’s young, you can calculate where they are going to happen. You must be able to monitor him constantly as he’s learning and will need to depend on the use of a crate when he isn’t being watched.


Another benefit of hitting the city streets like clockwork is the opportunity your dog will get to socialize. Exposing him to busy crowds and the constant noise early should help him adjust. While being out and about is good for his disposition, don’t force people or other animals on him too soon. Work with someone you know who can approach your pooch in an environment unfamiliar to him. Hold fast on the leash and tell him “easy” or “stay” if he seems excitable at the thought of interacting. Let him sniff and proceed at his own pace, but be sure and praise him for a respectable showing.

Using A Crate

While you’re away during the day, you don’t want your dog tearing up the house. Likewise, as everyone sleeps, the dog shouldn’t be allowed to roam freely, raising the risk of indoor accidents. For these and other reasons, many people use crates with city canines. While dog training means enjoying the outdoors as much as possible, this can’t be done around the clock. Until your pet learns to control his bodily functions, keep him in the crate at night and when nobody else is home. Introduce him to it gently, set it up so that he is comfortable and above all, make sure he’s got enough space to move freely, but not so much that he’s likely to have a soiling spot away from where he lays.


Hiring An Outsider To Help

If you’re simply to busy to give your dog the time he needs to learn, or if for some reason he’s not taking to training, consider outside help. While you are the person in the best position to become his master, it just may not work out. Investigate the possibilities with trainers in the Chicago area, and allow them to take over the job of instilling good behavior in the animal. It’s also wise to hire a professional trainer if your pet is exhibiting any kind of aggressive behavior.

Chicago streets are cluttered with people who make a lot of noise, move in unpredictable patterns and may otherwise cause an aggressive dog to feel threatened and thus over reactive.

Dog training Chicago style can work with any pooch, it’s simply a matter of changing your habits to suit the environment and particulars of the animal. One very positive thing about training a dog in the city is that you’ll be getting plenty of exercise too as you accomplish your goals together.